First Semester Final Study Guide

PDFs of World History Textboook:

Enlightenment and Revolution

Enlightenment in Europe
Example of Notes Outline

Democracy Develops in England

The American Revolution

The French Revolution Begins

The French Revolution Brings Reform and Terror

Napoleon and Nationalism
Napoleon Forges an Empire
Napoleon's Empire Collapses
Congress of Vienna

The Industrial Revolution
The Beginnings of Industrialization
Industrialization Manchester
Industrialization Spreads

Primary Documents

Nationalism and the Arts
EQ: How did nationalism unite and divide people?
Revolution in the Arts

The Scramble for Africa
Imperialism (Case Study: Nigeria)
Europeans Claim Muslim Lands
British Imperialism in India
Imperialism in Southeast Asia
U.S. Economic Imperialism
China Resists Outside Influence
Modernization in Japan

Compare and Contrast Essay Help

World War I
Marching Towad War
Europe Plunges into War
A Global Conflict
A Flawed Peace

Letter from the Front

The Interwar Years
Revolutions in Russia
Worldwide Depression
Fascism Rises in Europe
Aggressors Invade Nations

Memoirs of Revolution
Napoleonic Empire
Industrial Revolution
1848 Document Analysis
Imperialism Map Activity
Comparing Responses to Imperialism: Japan and China
Russian Revolution Timeline and Rubric

Hitler's Lightening War
Japan's Pacific Campaign
The Holocaust
The Allied Victory
Europe and Japan in Ruins

The Cold War
Communists Take Power in China
NYT Article "The Long March"
Wars in Korea and Vietnam
The Cold War Thaws

Modern Problems
New Nations in Africa
The Challenges of Democracy in Africa

"Why Study History?"

Debate the Bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima
King, Michael. "Shock Treatment," National Review
Powers, Thomas. "Was it Right?" The Atlantic Monthly
Zinn, Howard. "Bombs of August," The Nation