US History Units

US Map Assignment

The American Revolution
Colonial Gazette Rubric
Colonial Gazette Example

Colonial Map Analysis

Colonial Resistance and Rebellion
Launching the New Nation
Confederation and Constitution
Outline Example

The Constitution

Howard Zinn, "A Kind of Revolution"

Westward Expansion
Map Analysis: Westward Expansion

Manifest Destiny

Cultures Clash on the Prairie (202-208 only)
EQ: How did cultures clash on the prairie?

Civil War
Civil War Map Analysis

Illustrated Timeline Assignment and Rubric
The Divisive Politics of Slavery

Slavery and the Civil War (notes and assignment materials)
Slavery and the Civil War PowerPoint

RLH: Was Lincoln a Racist?

The Civil War Begins
EQ: How did the Civil War begin?

The Civil War's impact on Social Groups

The North Takes Charge
EQ: How did the North take charge?

SAC: Were African Americans free during Reconstruction?

Video Guide: Aftershock
Aftershock (Youtube)

EQ: In what ways was Reconstruction a success? How was it a failure?

Reading Like a Historian: Were African Americans free during Reconstruction?

From the Historians: Reconstruction

The Gilded Age
The Expansion of Industry
The Age of Railroads
The New Immigrants
Big Business and Labor
Politics in the Gilded Age

Excerpt from Book on Unions: (pages 107-121: The Great Strike of 1877; pages 128-66: The Haymarket Affair; pages 167-180: The Homestead Strike; pages 196-224: The Pullman Strike

Antrhacite Coal Strike 1902

The Ludlow Massacre (Howard Zinn)

RLH: The Chinese Exclusion Act

Video Guide: Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Primary Documents: Andrew Carnegie and Herbert Spencer
Compare and Contrast: How are the opinions of these two individuals toward the wealthy and poor similar? How do they differ?

From the Historians: The Gilded Age

The Progressive Era
Textbook Sections:
The Origins of Progressivism
Women in Public Life
Teddy Roosevelt's Square Deal
Progressivism Under Taft
Wison's New Freedom

Progressive Era Primary Documents

Party Platforms 1912

Video Guide

History Heads
Article for Journal Entry: Should Wilson name be taken down at Princeton?
From the Historians: The Progressive Era
PowerPoint: Progressive Era Political Cartoons (Analysis Sheet)

Test Prep

American Imperialism
Imperialism and America
The Spanish-American War
Acquiring New Lands
America as a World Power

Additional Readings:
Expasnion in the Pacific from The American Age by Walter Lafeber
American Imperialism in Hawaii from Overthrow by Stephen Kinzer
Imperialism in Panama from The American Age by Walter Lafeber
Imperialism in Cuba and the Philippines from A People's History by Howard ZInn
Woodrow Wilson and Mexico from The American Age by Walter Lafeber

Imperialism PowerPoint

Research Paper Central Question: Why did the United States engage in Imperialism?
Pick three regions where the United States was engaged in imperialism.

Imperialists vs. Anti-Imperialists
Cartoons and Analysis Sheet (pick any eight to analyze)
Map Analysis: Imperialism
Imperialism Slideshow
From the Historians: Imperialism

Video Guide

World War I
World War I Begins
America Tips the Balance
The War at Home
Wilson Fights for Peace

Why did the United States enter World War I?

The Free and the Unfree by David W. Noble (was a professor of History at the University of Minesota)
A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn (was a professor of History at Boston College)
The American Age by Walter LaFeber (Professor of American History at Cornell University)
Pivotal Decades: The United States, 1900-1920 by John Milton Cooper Jr. (Professor of Hisory at the University of Wisconsin)
Standing at Armagedon by Neil Irving Painter (Professor of History at Princeton University)

Sample Essay
Essay Rubric

Reading Like a Historian: The Espionage and Sedition Acts

From the Historians WWI
Map Analysis: WWI
Schenck Background

Video Guide (skip section from minutes 41 - 59)

Video Guide (Skip to minute 58)

The Roaring 20s
America Struggles with Postwar Issues
The Harlem Renaissance
Figures from the Harlem Renaissance
Changing Ways of LIfe and The Twenties Woman

The Roaring Twenties (Jigsaw Material)
Analysis of Changing Life in the Twenties
1920s Slang

The Great Depression
The Nation's Sick Economy
Hoover Struggles with the Great Depression
The New Deal Fight's the Depression
The New Deal Affects Many Groups
The Impact of the New Deal

Viewing Guide: Surviving the Dustbowl

From the Historians: The Depression and New Deal

Women and the New Deal
History Headings
-Create a creative and appropriate heading for each of the numbered sections.
-Headings must be supported by two quotes from each section.

World War II
America Moves Toward War
Mobilizing for Defense
The War for Europe and North Africa
The War in the Pacific
The Home Front

Map Analysis (The War in The Pacific)

Map Analysis (The War in Europe)

Japanese Internment

The Cold War
Origins of the Cold War
The Cold War at Home: EQ How was the Cold War fought at home (within the United States)?
Kennedy and the Cold War: EQ How did well did President Kennedy (JFK) lead the U.S. during the Cold War?

From the Historians: The Cold War

Video Guide: McCarthyism and Maple St.

CNN-The Cold War: "Reds"

Twilight Zone: "The Monsters are Due on Maple St."

Twilight Zone - The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street from Kevin on Vimeo.

The Civil Rights Movement
Challenges and Chages in the Movement
Diggins, Black America, the Constitution, and Civil Rights
Blum, Polarization (divisions in the movement)
Zinn, "Or Does it Explode?"
Primary Documents: Malcolm X and MLK

Webquest: CNN - The Sixties


A Nation Divided

Howard Zinn, "The Impossible Victory: Vietnam" [excerpt]
Processing Assignment: Provide a summary of four examples of people who resisted service in Vietnam. Answer the following questions:
- Who were these individuals or groups?
- Why did they resist service in Vietnmam?
- How did they reisist?
- Would you describe these people as couragous or cowardly? Why?

Web Quest: CNN - The Seventies

Foreign Policy After the Cold War
EQ: How did the U.S. interact with other countries during this period?